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Sport Shirts

In warm weather sports clothes are ideal for beach games, both on land and in the water.

Comfort is an extremely important factor in the choice of kit. There are many factors that make a good sports kit. The main areas to bear in mind are looks, performance and durability.

Air has low thermal conductivity of heat. The more still air a fabric can trap, the warmer it will keep you. In the water such a fabric will reduce water flow past your skin. Fabrics with good thermal conductivity will be cooler to wear.

Keep your sports clothes on after a swim and they dry quickly. They are made from robust fabric, functional and lightweight.

Sports fabrics are technical materials which help to keep you comfortable during exercise. The type of fabric required will depend upon the intensity of the exercise and the activity.

Sportswear technology has advanced in all areas including the development of fabrics that can stretch to many times their own size and then return to normal.

The top brands such as Adidas, Nike, Puma and Umbro, have developed fabrics that can react differently under different climatic and performance conditions.

A poorly made replica kit can have seams that rub and chafe, or it could be made from a material that is too abrasive to your skin. Some cheap football shirts can be somewhat itchy, so wear a cotton T-shirt underneath.

Teamwear for Swimming Classes

Psychological studies have proven that players or swimmers who feel that they "look the part" are much more likely to perform at the top end of their mental and physical capabilities. You can use that for your swimming or lifesaving class.

For strength and resistance training, split your swimming class in two, each wearing a different colour kit. Get them to swim a good distance dressed in their footie kit and they get a decent work-out without overexerting themselves. Fastest team is the winner.

In a kit race they swim in football kit from one pool side to the other, then get out and trade kit with someone else on their team. It's nice fast paced fun.

Through the summer months your team's football kit will get wet almost every day. It is really a sound investment to purchase teamwear that will stand up to the rigours of weekly soakings.

Robust Sportswear

It would appear that most sportswear is designed to get wet, and for good reason. Many outdoor sports can get you soaked. Here are some examples of wet sportswear.

Football Kit has to remain comfy when wet as it may rain during a match. Afterwards the players usually wear their kit in the shared showers or bath to clean up. Some cheap football shirts can be itchy when wet, so wear a soft shirt underneath.

Running Clothes will often get wet when you run a lot in any weather. You may also cross small rivers or jump into a lake in your running clothes. Many runners wear their kit in the shower after their run to rinse it clean.

Trekking and Hiking Kit must remain functional even in heavy rain. You may not have a chance to take shelter during a heavy downpour. You will get soaking wet after a while. During the rain you may have to crawl through mud, or cross a small river or lake.

Watersport Clothes need to feel good not just on the boat but also when you take an accidental or deliberate swim. Above all they must keep you warm when wet.

As you can see, sportswear is a good choice for you when you want to go swimming. Next time you go shopping for swimming clothes, check out the local sportswear outlet for some new ideas.

Reader Comment

After School Swim

by Rodney, Cairns, Australia

My friends and I often wear our sport shirts to school, as a sign of what we want to do in the afternoon. Combined with jeans or beach pants they look way cool in school and pool.

After lessons we run to the beach or the school pool and jump right into the water, dressed as we are. No need to get changed. Huge fun.

We splash around for an hour or two while our comfy clothes keep us safe and warm. These sunburn protection shirts are the best and feel so comfy in the water.

Then we enjoy a long shower to rinse out the salt or chlorine and run home in our wet clothes which dry out on the way.

after school swim in jeans and swim shirt
after school swim in jeans and swim shirt

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