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Surf Shorts

Surf shorts first appeared when surfing started to become popular. They have evolved with the best extras that give you the comfort and reliability you need to surf.

Many people use surf shorts not just for surfing, because they are quite attractive and comfy for other activities. They dry quickly so you can keep them on after a swim.

Most manufacturers offer different products which can fit the needs of everyone. It is important to be able to choose the right type of surf shorts for you and your needs.

Pick Correct Fabric Weight

Many professional surfers choose their surf shorts depending on their weight. Light surf shorts will provide you with the ability to move freely without feeling limited, unlike heavy shorts.

Of course the light weight of the surf shorts will also provide you with increased comfort and performance. You won't have to worry about your legs getting rashes and pains from the friction between the surf shorts and your legs.

When choosing a pair of surf shorts, it is very important to check the materials from which they are made and the time they require to dry off. Sometimes you may spend your entire day on the beach and in the water. You probably don't desire being soaked the entire time, so once you get out of the water, you want to be completely dry in a short while.

Be certain to pick the correct size. If the shorts are too small, you may experience discomfort. Too large is not such a problem as long as you have a good waist band.

When you’re out in the waters, your swimwear needs to be specifically suited for wet conditions without compromising on comfort. Just like how every form of physical activity has its special clothing, swimming is done right when you’re in the best swimwear to suit your activity. A matching T-shirt goes well your swim shorts.

Surf Shorts Shopping Tips

Skip the swimming briefs. Buy some decent surf shorts. They are more practical and can be worn elsewhere, not just on the beach or in the pool. You may find some bargains on the web.

Choose a high-quality sanded polyester that's coated with a water repellent. This sophisticated thread will stand up to the elements and any wear and tear it may have to endure. Cotton and nylon can't take the punishment. Look for reinforced stitching along seams and stress points.

Lengths include mid-thigh, knee-length, and below the knee. Recently hemlines for shorts went below the knee, possibly in response to sunburn issues and more demand for modest swimwear. Popular are the 3/4 length shorts or even ankle length kite surfing pants. Select whatever suits your personal style and comfort level. The longer the better the sun protection.

Check out any extra features like pockets for cash and keys. Make sure they can be closed securely. Choose thick and tight elastic waistbands, or non-catch drawstring closures that still enable your belly to lie flat as you paddle out on your surf board.

Don't compromise on style. Opt for bright colours, cool prints and groovy trims that'll keep you looking like the pros. Some surfer girls actually dig the guy's surf shorts, but it's all a matter of preference.

Get matching T-shirts or lycra swim shirts and hoodies. Then you look good on land and in the water, not like a topless (clueless) dork.

Beach Kilts or Swim Skirts are an alternative for daring men and women. They are the beachwear equivalent of the traditional Scottish Kilt, worn by the strong and bold. They provide better ventilation and don't collect as much sand and seaweed as shorts. It just washes off when you go for a swim.

Carry a change of dry clothes with you so you can always jump in as you are whenever the urge arises. On warm days you can just let the shorts and shirt dry while you wear them. Total freedom.

Finding Nylon Tricot Shorts for Men

Men's nylon tricot shorts, especially the running shorts so popular in the 1980s, remain a favorite for joggers and marathoners because of their comfortable fit and practicality. Nylon tricot is a common fabric in swimsuits and underwear too, thanks to its sleek fit and feel.

The loose fit of the shorts means you only have to worry about getting the right size for your waist, no trying on necessary. Therefore, you can shop online with ease, which is especially useful if you don't have a good sports store near you.

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