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Anorak Reviews

In this section you'll find tests and reviews of a wide variety of anoraks and related clothes for your watersports.

Product tests are done by keen swimmers and watersports enthusiasts for our readers. We will check out any kit we get our hands on and write a review with links to suppliers.

If you're a manufacturer or supplier, send review samples (size XL) that our team can try during active watersports or outdoor activities. You get publicity on our busy website for the cost of a product sample. Ask us for details (top of page) and we'll get in touch with you.

Full reviews carry a clickable link to the supplier's website so our readers can check out the products we've reviewed. If a supplier provides more than one item, they can get a dedicated section with a company profile.

Affiliate Partnerships

When we come across really good products, we like to share them with our readers who come here to find the best and most original watersports kit. If you run an affiliate program, talk to us.

First Look

When we see interesting new products we write a brief report for our readers, either as part of an article or on a dedicated page. We check them out and try them on if possible. This might happen at a shop, a trade show, or some other event. These are not full reviews, just a first look.

Full Reviews

Whenever we get our hands on a new outfit we do a full review where we test it under realistic conditions, checking it the way people would use it out in the wet and wild. If it is any good we publish a review. These get updated over time after we've used the samples for a while.

First we try the products in a swimmingpool to see how they fit and feel in the water, and how easy it is to swim in these clothes. Comfort and function are most important.

Next we see how it performs during watersports like canoeing, sailing, or surfing, and how good the design is for readers who really enjoy watersports, rather than wear it as a fashion statement.

sun protection swim shirt test reviews
Leisure comfort test
sun protection swim shirt test reviews
Swim test

Ask us about Test Reviews

If you're a manufacturer or distributor of anoraks, you can contact us via the email link on top and bottom of this page and we'll reply with our shipping details and answer any questions you may have.

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