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First Look: Crewsaver Watersports Clothing


Crewsaver is best known for their lifevests and safety equipment, but they also have an impressive watersports clothing range, constructed to be as durable as they are comfortable and practical.

crewsavers watersports clothing range

First Look: Crewsaver Spray Top

The Crewsaver Spray Top is the perfect solution for those seeking the next level in performance technology. The durable fabric has a hydrostatic head waterproof rating to 20 K and is breathable up to 6 K, making this one of the most advanced and affordable spray tops on the market. With uniquely tailored panels, the articulated shape of this spray top provides much sought-after unhindered freedom of movement.


 Fabrics   Sportswear   Sun Protection   Swimwear   Waterwear