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Jogging Pants

Joggers are not just for jogging or incredible comfort on chill-out days.

Whether you call them joggers, trackies, track pants, tracksuit bottoms or anything else, your workout, swimming, and watersports looks will instantly elevate with some fresh joggers!

Made from heavy cotton, joggers are robust, but get heavy when wet. For some runners and swimmers this may be helpful for their strength training. A wet jogging suit makes running much more challenging.

Swimmers will gain strenth for working against the drag and weight of a jogging suit in the water. Footballers, weightlifters, and other strength athletes often use this training method to build up muscles.

What is the Difference between Sweatpants and Windpants?

Sweatpants and swishy windpants are very different. While they are worn the same way they are different in feel and performance. Sweats are heavier, they are typically baggier and in most cases, warmer. They also soak up a lot of water.

The swishy windpant, whether it be a work pant or workout pant, is lighter and will defend against moisture, rain, and wind.

If you are looking for a pair of swishy pants that have a sweatpant feel then check out fleece lined ones. They will feel like sweatpants, but the exterior is as durable and protective as typical swishy pants. These pants are the perfect combination of versatility and comfort.

Cotton jogging pants

Nylon wind pants

Jogging Pants vs Tracksuit Bottoms

Review by Mike Lotheson

This is a comparative review of tracksuit bottoms and jogging pants for swimming, done on a Caribbean holiday.

My two pairs of "swimming trunks" were a pair of old school Adidas trackies and a pair of Nike sweatpants. Both were worn several times in the sea and pool either without underwear or a pair of Under Armour compression shorts.

The trackies had zip pockets which I consider essential, while the sweats had a back pocket with a press stud fastening.

Even when dry the trackies had a tendency to slip down when worn without underwear, unless the cord was fastened tightly.

Both trousers were comfortable in the water, although the sweats were heavier to swim in. While swimming breaststroke in the sweats, the wet material brushed against my body more than the lighter tracksuit.

Once out of the water, the trackies only took a few minutes to dry in the sun, so when worn with a light swim shirt or polo shirt, this meant I did not have to change after swimming.

The sweatpants remained wet and heavy for a lot longer, slopping around as I walked.

In conclusion the trackies were more practical while the sweatpants were more fun.

Our Comment

We recommend a tracksuit top or hoodie to complete the style, worn over a swim shirt or polo shirt. A tracksuit jacket will give you even more zip pockets for waterproof cameras and such.

We've found that swimming in a hooded jogging suit is really hard work, but great fun. It feels soft and cosy with a T-shirt underneath. Great for pool parties.

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