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Adventure Swimming

Do you have the skills to survive adventure swimming? This may save your life one day.

First Look: Hock Rain Stop Cape

The Hock Rain Stop Cape is easy to put on and offers good rain protection when the sky opens its water gates. We like the elegant simpicity of it.

A waist band at the back part prevents blowing up and fluttering in the wind. With the handlebar loops, you can ride a bike comfortably while keeping your hands inside.

In the breast pocket you can keep small items, or pack the rain cape into it. The breast pocket is also designed to be a belt pannier.

The volume-adjustable hood with view window allows easy views at all angles, no visual field restriction.

If you're tall it may be a bit short for walking in the rain, and your trousers get wet. Wear rain pants with it. Otherwise it is very comfy and lightweight to wear.

We took the rain cape for a quick cycle run through heavy rain and found it up to the task when we used the handlebar loops. The big volume and the air circulation under the rain cape avoid too much sweat.

This cape is not suitable for swimming, because it has no arm openings. At best you can wear it when you take a relaxing bath in a pool, just to keep warm, or as a modesty cover. It also makes a good bath robe for getting changed into dry clothes.


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 Fabrics   Sportswear   Sun Protection   Swimwear   Waterwear