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VAUDE Outdoor Clothing

About Vaude

With its products, VAUDE stands for mountain sports expertise and innovation, with social and environmental responsibility. VAUDE is a family company with 1,500 "relatives", sharing common values, a lively team spirit and an open invitation for all outdoor enthusiasts to become a part of their happy family.

Green Shape

Green Shape is a VAUDE guarantee for environmentally-friendly products, made from sustainable materials, resource conserving manufacturing and fair production.

The evaluation criteria are strict. They are continuously reviewed and cover the entire product life cycle, from design development through production to product care and recycling after use. VAUDE Green Shape products offer you quality and functionality. At the same time, they assure you the smallest possible environmental footprint.

Eco Finish

VAUDE products bearing the Eco Finish sign have been been waterproofed in an environmentally friendly way without fluorocarbons, sometimes referred to as perfluorocarbons or PFCs. They are part of a group of chemical compounds which are used to waterproof the outer layer of many outdoor products.

Health Commitment

VAUDE has made a clear commitment to completely renouncing PFCs after they had come under criticism for being non-biodegradable, bioaccumulative and toxic, and suspected of being harmful to health.

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