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Tough Army Ponchos

Rain may put a damper on some outdoor activities, but not when you have one of these ponchos. The colour and loose fit make them perfect for those who enjoy blending into the background.

Originally from South America, this simple square sheet only has a hood in the middle. The best ones are robust genuine army surplus ponchos. Avoid the cheap PVC fashion copies. Most are of equal length front and back. Open on the side for good ventilation, they have buttons along the edge to keep them in place. They can also be used as a tarp, shelter, or ground sheet.

Army ponchos open many possibilities for wet fun adventures you may have overlooked before. Keep one in your pack at all times in case of a sudden downpour. Try it out in rain or your shower before you go travelling.

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Reader Comments

My Favorite Adventure Outfit

by Andrew, Sandringham, UK

I love my military ponchos, my favourite outdoor clothing because they are so practical and comfy. The fabric is robust but lightweight, so I can carry one with me all the time.

There's NOTHING like this coat for keeping the rain out of you and your backpack, or for sitting on when enjoying a picnic. It has better ventilation than a jacket, hence it dries faster.

Ponchos are great for my many wet outdoor adventures. When I go trekking I always wear a poncho, come rain or shine. It gives sun protection and feels good in the water when my trek leads through a ditch or into a lake. I really enjoy swimming in my poncho, usually on top of my clothes, or on its own when I have no change of clothes to hand.

Car Wash

by Pierre, our intern from Bordeaux, France

Apart from enjoying my poncho on wet and wild adventures, I always wear it over jeans and a sweat shirt when I wash my car, just for fun. The way I wash my car always gets me soaking wet, but the poncho keeps me warm. After the car wash, my clothes are wet and need a wash too, so I point the hosepipe at myself and have more wet fun.

poncho cape red public swimming pool
poncho cape for swimming pool training
Now ready for a wet bike ride.

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