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Hiking Capes for Amphibian Adventures

Wether you're hiking through a rainy mountain forest or trek along a lake shore with various swims, a hiking cape is your ultimate outfit for treks that involve frequent immersion.

It is lightweight, well ventilated, and dries quickly after a heavy downpour or a swim. In the water it floats around you when you sit still, but stays close to your body when you swim. Swimming practice prepares you for wetland adventures.

rain hiking in a poncho
rain hiking in a poncho

Hypothermia from Rain Drops

Something not many people consider is that cCool rain droplets can cause hypothermia during heavy rains.

Since precipitation lingers at high altitudes where the air temperature maybe near freezing, the rain droplets are also cold. When these rain droplets begin their descent towards the ground, they don't have nearly enough time to heat up, which is why rain feels cool to the touch.

You may be bombarded with lots of cool rain droplets during heavy rains. Prolonged exposure gradually depletes internal heat from your body, giving rise to hypothermic symptoms.

Swimmers may not detect the onset of hypothermia. Many confuse these hypothermic symptoms with the sudden shock of cold that runs through the body when immersing themselves in chilled water. This confusion allows the hypothermia to go unnoticed until their condition reaches a point where they can no longer ignore it.

The solution is to wear clothing layers that keep the rain drops off your skin and retain your body's warmth. Anoraks, ponchos or rain capes over a fleece layer let you enjoy a rainy swim. Layers let you adapt for different weather conditions and keep you warm without being too heavy.

poncho hiking cape walk swim in lake
Thin layers are lightweight and feel good wet or dry.
poncho hiking cape walk swim in lake
rain hiking in a poncho

Swimming in the Rain

Rain swimming is a wonderful experience, much more fun than swimming on a sunny day, so long as you do so safely.

When you swim outdoors many times, you’re bound to run into a sudden downpour. It feels almost calming for some reason. Some definitely prefer it.

An advantage of swimming in the rain is that the water feels suddenly warmer. It also is incredibly relaxing due to the white noise it makes.

A swimmer sees rain from a unique perspective, as raindrops form balls that race across the water surface, or bounce back, creating small mountains of water where they rebound.

Wind can also add to the outdoor experience, creating a wild landscape even in the most domestic of swim spots. Beware of getting too cold from wind chill. Always wear a windbreaker like an anorak or such.

poncho hiking cape walk swim in lake
Rain swims make me feel happy.
poncho hiking cape walk swim in lake
poncho hiking cape walk swim in lake

Pool Training in your Hiking Kit

The best way to get yourself ready for wet and wild adventures is to try out all your clothes and gear in the swimmingpool.

Rainy days are an ideal time to visit outdoor pools. Only a few hardy people will go, so the pool will be nice and empty. Be careful around your pool when it's raining because the deck and other surface areas can be more slippery than usual.

Swimming in your hiking clothes prepares you for the great outdoors better than any other method. This is good fun, builds strength and endurance, and prepares you for the inevitable swims and water crossings out in the wild.

Proper realism matters. You get the most out of this training when you wear all the kit you'll want for your hike. This includes the various clothing layers for the expected climate, and a waterproof backpack for the kit you want to keep dry. This also teaches you to travel light.

poncho cape for swimming pool training
Does your hiking kit feel good in the water or does it get in the way?
poncho hiking cape walk swim in lake
poncho hiking cape walk swim in lake

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