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Aquamania Travel Blog

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness." ~ Mark Twain

On this website you find blog reports from regions our team has visited. More will be added over time. Like any good blog they are subjective, sometimes geeky, and often quirky.


We put an emphasis on aquatic sports where possible. After all, what would be a good holiday without a beach, pool, or mountain lake? Whenever we find a nice waterhole or a great sports location, we'll report it here for you to enjoy.

exploration by boat

Travel Light

If possible, travel only with carry-on luggage, at least on the outbound journey. Not only do you travel faster, you also avoid trouble with lost or mis-directed bags. Some people, who use your checked bags to smuggle stuff, can cause you serious problems. You can get in Asia whatever you need and at low cost.

Get Fit! When your body is strong and fit you will enjoy your travels much more. Prepare well before you fly off.

Keep your weight down. Make a list and pack only what you really need. Many items you can get on location. Laundry services allow you to carry less kit.

Carry-on Bag Limits vary for different airlines. Some allow only 7kg weight, so you may use that just for your valuables and tech gear, and put the rest in the hold.

Other airlines (like easyjet.com) have only a size restriction, but no weight limit as long as you can lift it into the overhead locker. This allows you to travel without checked baggage.

Clothing should be lightweight and quick-drying. Pick items that look good around town but can also double up as swimwear. See our clothing section for cool suggestions.

Technology should be small and compact, yet powerful. A sub-notebook, a smartphone and a waterproof camera maybe all you need.

Personal Care items can be limited to dental care and sun lotion. Most consumables you can find on location.

On Location

Cover up to avoid sunburn, jellyfish or instect bites. Sun lotion washes off in the water. Wear some comfy clothes for swimming that avoid sunburn and jellyfish stings. You only need to cover the skin you wish to protect.

Drink plenty of clean water, 3 litres a day, more in hot weather or if you do a lot of exercise. Always stay well hydrated and feel great.

Meet the Locals who are keen to meet you. Travelling is all about people and their culture. Find out how they live and what they enjoy.

local fun people