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Jammers look like compression shorts or bicycle shorts, but you wear them in the water instead of the swim brief to make you sleeker and faster when you swim.

Some have a special spandex construction that provides optimum compression and muscle support, to reduce fatigue and extend endurance.

They provide additional support and coverage while enhancing muscle compression. Many feature a non-slip, flat braided drawcord for a comfortable, secure fit.

In addition to swim jammers, goggles and snug-fitting swim shirts are standard gear for fitness swimmers.

Only men wear jammers, which start at the waist and cover to just above the knees. Women might prefer bodysuits that extend up to their shoulders during competitions.


  • Jammers dry quickly
  • Elastic drawcord waist
  • Sleek silhouette
  • More coverage than traditional swim trunks


Non-competitive jammers are made of nylon and spandex material, durable enough for long time use. You can enjoy these shorts while swimming or relaxing on the beach. They are very comfortable to wear and touch, extremely soft and super-clingy when wet.

Rash Guards for Wetsuits

Jammers and rash vests underneath your wetsuit avoid chafing and rashes. Show off your casual-cool side with jammers and a matching rash vest.


The fitness-swimmer's versions of jammers are not as tight and sheer as competitive ones. The suits reach just above the knees and are often combined with swim shirts for a more balanced look. You will be sure to stand out from the crowd and catch everyone's attention in this swimming outfit.

Younger male swimmers tend to prefer jammers in part because they are more modest than briefs, according to Swimming World. College-age athletes still wear the classic smaller swim briefs, but kids starting out might be hesitant to work out with so little coverage.

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