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K-Way Anoraks since 1965

K-Way makes waterproof clothes par excellence: classic, comfy, modern, functional and brightly coloured. You can find the right water clothes to look good enjoying your sport, both in or out of the water.

The K-Way collection includes simple zip-up windbreakers, waterproof anoraks and full zip jackets that can be folded into a small hip bag.

They are made of waterproof, windproof, warm and breathable materials with a heat-sealed zip. You can also get some fashionable clothing accessories which feature the same characteristics of practicality and functionality.


Keen swimmers enjoy these quick drying clothes as a cover against rain, windchill and sunburn. In the water they are comfortable for many water sports like adventure swimming and lifeguard training.


Waterproof nylon shell

Heat sealed seams

Fixed drawstring hood

Half zip fastening on the front

Rear vents

Storable in zip pocket to become carrying hip pouch.

K-Way History

Cast your mind back to Paris in 1965. It's a summer's day but the rain is plummeting from the heavy, dark clouds and ricocheting off the saturated pavement.

Sitting in a sidewalk café, young clothes retailer Léon-Claude Duhamel observed as disgruntled Parisians rushed by in soaking wet clothes, with uncomfortable umbrellas in their hands.

Suddenly it hit him like a stale baguette to the chops: Create a waterproof object that could be carried all times, but which was neither an umbrella nor a raincoat.

Thus the revolutionary K-Way garment was born: Ultra-lightweight, comfortable and completely waterproof nylon jackets and anoraks that could be folded in a small hip bag. Well-priced and convenient, just the thing for European summers.

These anoraks were soon launched on the market and proved to be successful from the beginning. In the first year, 250,000 pieces were sold. In 1970s many partnerships between K-Way and various ski teams took place.

In 1990 the brand was purchased by Superga and in 1993 it was transferred to So.PA.F. merchant bank. In 1999 it was acquired by Milan-based Multimoda Network.

In February 2004 K-Way was included in the Basic Group's brand portfolio. K-Way has reached such a popularity that today it is one of the few very well-known brands and is included as an entry in the dictionary.

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