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First Look: Crewsaver Centre Range


The Crewsaver Centre Range offers an economical solution to your continued equipment requirements, one which blends quality and durability specifically designed to meet the varied requirements of outdoor activity and sailing centres.

These are not just off the peg products, say Crewsaver, and point out its design team has given great attention to detail and fully understand the uses to which the products are put.

Centre products are colour coded by size for quick and easy recognition and the current range has been expanded. In addition to the existing smock and spray tops, trousers, long john, centre vest and centre zip front buoyancy aids, it now includes a one piece wetsuit, instructor and academy buoyancy aids and a replacement radio pouch.

Centre Smock Top

Constructed to be as durable as it is comfortable and practical, the Centre Smock Top covers all bases with reinforced elbows, strengthening on the stress points, over locked edges, taped seams, a pull-tight hood and hand-warmer pocket.

Centre Spray Top

Constructed to be as durable as it is comfortable and practical, the Centre Spray Top covers all bases with reinforced elbows, over locked edges, comfortable neoprene collar with vent, double-lined neoprene cuffs for durability and a wide elastic hem.

Centre Trousers

Constructed to be as durable as they are comfortable and practical, the Centre Trousers cover all bases with extra reinforcement on the seat and knees, durable and adjustable braces plus adjustable ankles. Colour coding makes it easy for everyone to pick out the right size, speeding up the kit selection process.

Reader Comment: Comfy Paddling Suit

By Tom, from Plymouth, England

My Crewsaver clothes are always with me when I go canoeing or adventure swimming. They are an essential and comfortable outfit to keep the windchill off my body but give me more room to move than a wetsuit.

The long bib-type trousers and the cag stay put during wild paddling manoevers, even when I go for a swim, which happens often while paddling, and always after a session, just to relax.

cagoule adventure paddling clothes
crewsaver centre cag

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