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First Look: Vaude Covero II Rain Cape

The main difference to the Valdepino cycling cape are the clear-view windows in the hood to provide a larger field of vision and safer riding. Two side slide-in pockets, hand loops, reflective elements for increased visibility are other useful features. For even more safety on your ride the Covero Poncho II has reflective elements on its front and its back.

This classic rain cape is made from environmentally friendly, Bluesign® certified primary material. When it is pouring down, it keeps you and your daypack dry and warm with an adjustable elastic belt to make sure it doesn't blow about.

We've found it very practical and comfortable. You can put it on in a flash to protect you from the elements or take off quickly, well fitting at the top and allowing free movement for the arms.

You can use it for walking as the short length doesn't hinder your stride. You'll probably earn a lot of jealous looks from people in their cool Northface jackets, and to be fair, it also looks quite good as far as ponchos and rain capes go.

If you're ever caught in a monsoon this is the rain cape for you. Seems better made than many we have seen and is very capacious. It can also be used as a small emergency shelter if you buy the XXL size.

It looks and works far better than expensive so called 'breathable' jackets.

Great for packing as light weight cape. We would have liked it to be a little longer, especially in the back, but then its designed for cycling, not walking.

This lightweight bike rain poncho can be completely stored in the integrated front zip pocket. Packed down so small, you can always have it along, just in case. Very convenient.


  • Adjustable hood
  • Elastic stomach strap
  • Hand loops
  • Reflecting safety elements
  • Cut: Loose Fit
  • Season: Year-round
  • Main fabric: 100% Polyamide
  • Coating: 100% Polyurethane
  • Weight: 295 g


We still have to test this cape in strong rain. It's light and thin. Can replace anorak or jacket. Easily packs in its own chest pocket. Comfy fit. Not really suitable for swimming because the arm openings are in the front rather than the sides.

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