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K-Way Claude Jacket

A classic rain jacket that blends practicality, breathability and seasonal styles to make it unique. It has two zipped pockets on the sides, one of them can be used as a pouch with a waist belt.

The full length zip is more versatile, but makes the front a bit stiffer than a pullover anorak. On hot days you can zip it down a bit, or let it fly all open, and get better ventilation, which is good for cycling and similar sports.

We like this jacket for the beach. When you go for a swim, zip it up and jump into the water. We found it is comfy and easy to swim in.

K-WAY Claude Jacket
K-WAY Claude Jacket

Jaques Fleece Lined Jacket

K-WAY Jaques Jacket
For colder climates you can wear the fleece lined jacket with the same good looks, but warmer.

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